Digital Multimeter Type TBM805 (TED13S)


The TBM805 is a high quality digital multimeter that features a large 3½ digit readout, is protected to 1000V, splash proof, transient protected to 6.5kV, CATIII 600V protected and holster.

The unit is fully auto-ranging and ranges include DCV, ACV, DC I, AC I, Resistance, Capacitance and Frequency.

General Specifications

Display: 3½ digits 4000 counts LCD Display
Polarity: Automatic
Update Rate: 3 per second nominal
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity: Maximum relative humidity 80% for
temperature up to 31°C decreasing linearly to 50%
relative humidity at 40°C
Altitude: Operating below 2000m
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 60°<80% R.H. (with
battery removed)
Temperature Coefficient: nominal 0.15 x (specified
accuracy)/°C @ (0°C - 18°C or 28°C-40vC), or otherwise
Sensing: Average sensing
Power Supply: 1.5V AAA Size (NEDA 24A or IEC LR03)
battery X 2
Power Consumption: 3.2 mA typical
Low Battery: Below approx. 2.4V
Sleep Mode Timing: Idle for 30 minutes
Dimension: L186mm x W87mm x H35.5mm; L198mm x W97mm x H55mm with holster
Weight: 296 gm; 396 gm with holster
Special Features: 30ms Max Hold; Data Hold; Relative
zero mode; Beep-jackTM input warning
Accessories: Test leads(pair), batteries installed,
user's manual

Technical Specifications

400.0 mV0.3% + 4d
4.000V, 40.00V, 400.0V0.5% + 3d
1000V1.0% + 4d

NMRR : >50dB @ 50/60Hz
CMRR : >120dB @ DC, 50/60Hz, Rs=1kΩ
Input Impedance : 10MΩ, 30pF nominal
(1000 MΩ for 400.0mV range)

AC VOLTAGE(50Hz -- 500Hz)
400.0mV*4.0% + 5d
4.000V, 40.00V, 400.0V1.5% + 5d
1000V4.0% + 5d

CMRR :>60dB @ DC to 60Hz, Rs=1kΩ
Input Impedance : 10MΩ, 30pF nominal (1000MΩ for 400.0mV range)
*Selection by RANGE button manually, and is specified from AC 10mV and up

RangeAccuracyBurden Voltage
400.0µA2.0% + 5d0.15mV/µA
4000µA1.2% + 3d0.15mV/µA
40.00mA2.0% + 5d3.3mV/mA
400.0mA1.2% + 3d3.3mV/mA
4.000A2.0% + 5d0.03V/A
10.00A*1.2% + 3d0.03V/A

*10A continuous, 20A for 30 second max with 5 minutes cool down interval

AC CURRENT(50Hz -- 500Hz)
RangeAccuracyBurden Voltage
400.0µA2.0% + 6d0.15mV/µA
4000µA1.5% + 4d0.15mV/µA
40.00mA2.0% + 6d3.3mV/mA
400.0mA1.7% + 4d3.3mV/mA
4.000A2.0% + 6d0.03V/A
10.00A*1.8% + 4d0.03V/A

*10A continuous, 20A for 30 second max with 5 minutes cool down interval

Audible thresholdbetween 20Ω and 120Ω

Open Circuit VoltageTest Current (Typical)
<1.6 VDC0.25mA

400.0Ω0.8% + 6d
4.000kΩ, 40.00kΩ, 400.0kΩ0.6% + 4d
4.000MΩ1.0% + 4d
40.00MΩ2.0% + 4d

Open Circuit Voltage : 0.4VDC typical

500.0nF, 5.000µF, 50.00µF, 500.0µF, 3000µF3.5%*** + 6d

*Additional 50.00nF range accuracy is not specified
**Accuracies with film capacitor or better
***Specified with battery voltage above 2.8V (approximately half full battery). Accuracy decreases gradually to 12% at low battery warning voltage of approximately 2.4V

50.00Hz, 500.0Hz, 5.000kHz, 50.00kHz, 500.0kHz, 1.000MHz0.5%+4d

*Additional 5.000Hz range accuracy & sensitivity are not specified
**Accuracy is specified at < 20VAC rms
Input Signal : Square wave with duty cycle >
40% & < 70%; or Sine wave vrms AC
10Hz--20Hz:>Sine 0.9Vrms;
20Hz--500kHz:>2.6Vp; or Sine 1.9Vrms;
500kHz--1MHz:>4.2Vp; or Sine 3 Vrms
Update Rate: 2 per second nominal

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