Radio Caroline, The Pirate Years (GBL47G)


In 1964 twenty cigarettes cost 5s. 10d. (29p/R3.70), and a pint of beer cost 1s. 2d. (6p/R0.78). The Beatles had three No. 1s, and spent a total of 50 weeks in the Charts. Their great rivals, the Rolling Stones had two No. 1s and spent 42 weeks in the charts. Radio stations had strange names like the Light Programme, the Home Service, and the Third. In the main, these stations played stuffy music, although Alan `Fluff` Freeman had his weekly Pick of the Pops programme, and Top of the POPS had just started on television. In addition there were the nightly broadcasts from Radio Luxembourg but reception was often pretty awful, and Luxembourg only played part of a record. `Radio Caroline on 199, your all day music station` these few words started a revolution in radio entertainment and popular music. All of a sudden pop music was being played all through the day, and then round the clock, 24 hours a day, instead of just one day a week! More stations followed, to us the listener, it was fantastic, young men and women sitting on an old boat (or fort), playing what we wanted to hear, when we wanted to hear it. Sales of radios quadrupled, and interest in radio trebled. Although most of us did not know it at the time, behind the scenes of these latter day buccaneers there was a darker, more sinister side. Ultimately battles broke out between some rivals, which unfortunately (quite literally) led to death, destruction, and mayhem. The Government closed down the stations, but then the highly successful formula was copied, using ex-pirate DJs and staff on the newly-launched Radio One. Pirate stations came, and pirate stations went, but one name outlasted all of the others, Radio Caroline, Britain`s first and last, offshore radio station. It survived storms, drifting, piracy, rebellion and the loss of her beloved ship, the Mi Amigo. The Jolly Roger no longer flies, but the influence of Radio Caroline lives on. This is her story and the events that helped shape popular music radio broadcasting as we know it today.

Chapter 1 - The Ballistic Pirates
Chapter 2 - The British Courts, 1964-1968
1964 - Floating a dream
- The Merger
1965 - Ships and Forts
1966 - On The Beach
- Pirate Armada
- Boardings and Bullets
1967 - For Whom the Bell Tolls
- Caroline Continues
1968 - Hijack!
Chapter 3 - The Dutch Era, 1970-1974
1970 - The Unbelievable has happened
1971 - Pirates at War
1972 - The First Lady Returns
1973 - Caroline to the Rescue
1974 - Farewell to the Dutch Pirates
Chapter 4 - The Fight for Survival, 1974-1980
1974 - Alone Again!
1975 - Loving Awareness
- The Raid
1976 - Trying Times
- On the Move - Again!
1977 - In the Breach of Bad Law
- Flashback 67
1978 - Zee Zenders 20
- Say Hello, Wave goodbye
1979 - Survival of the fittest
1980 - The Lady Retires
Chapter 5 - The legend lives on! 1980-1983
1983 - Robbers of the Airwaves
Appendix 1 - Harry's Story
Appendix 2 - Broadcasting Staff
Appendix 3 - Masts and Frequencies
Appendix 4 - Advertising Rates circa 1966

Author: Humphries, Ralph C. The Oakwood Press. 208 pages, 80+ illustrations. British publication.

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