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Concession Discount Scheme.......

Following a number of suggestions from customers we have decided to introduce a discount scheme for pensioners and genuine bona fide students making purchases at our stores.

To qualify, simply ask for an application form the next time you visit either our Plumstead or Bellville sales counter. Return it, along with a colour photograph and proof of age (pensioners 65 years or older) or if in full time education, a copy of your students card. Your laminated discount card will be issued to you.

The discount programme applies to the card holder, only, and discounts will apply to all normal-priced products, but not necessarily to products that have already been specially discounted.

12V, 1A SMPS board (STK51S)

Power Model:XK-1205DC Protection: over-voltage over-current circuit protection
AC input: AC85-265V or DC100-370V (Global common)
AC frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Output voltage: DC 12V
Output Current: 1A-2A
Output Power: 12W
Modulation: Pulse width modulation .

see our Ready Assembled modules for more details.

12V, 6A SMPS board (STK52S)

Power Model:XK-2412DC
Protection: over-voltage over-current circuit protection
AC input: AC85-265V (Global common)
AC frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Output voltage: DC 12V
Output Current: 6A-8A
Output Power: 100W
Modulation: Pulse width modulation

see our Ready Assembled modules for more details.

5V, 2A SMPS board (STK50S)

Input voltage: AC 85 ~ 50/60HZ 265V
Output voltage: DC5V (+ 0.2V)
Output current: 2000mA
Power: 10W
Working temperature: -20-60
Input current: 0.0273 (AC110V) 0.014 (AC220V)
Output efficiency: 80%
Size:76 x 31 x 20mm

see our Ready Assembled modules for more details.

Solar Powered Energy Gadgets

We have a range of educational solar gadgets that include a Solar Power Energy Multiped Crawling Insect (APN42G), Solar powered Cockroach Toy Gadget (APN41G) and Mini Solar Powered Toy Car Racer (APN40G)Mini Solar Powered Toy Car Racer (APN40G).
Now in stock, see our Ready Assembled modules for more details.

LCD Battery Capacity Tester

Battery Capacity Tester with LCD Indicator suitable for use with 12V, 24V, and 30V batteries, type lead acid, Pb-Acid and Lithium LiPo.
See Order Code APN43G for a fuller description.

Stereo Smart 4.0 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module

Bluetooth module designed to drive stereo loud-speakers, whilst pairing with a Bluetooth phone or computer. Not only will this product enable Bluetooth wireless connectivity to listen to music, but is also designed to be used as a wireless phone hands-free calling device. Supported operation of volume, up/down, and play / pause.
Go to Order Code AMA31G for a fuller description.

TDA7498 100W+100W 50mA Class D Amplifier Board

High quality, low cost stereo amplifier using the TDA7498 chip and providing an output of 100W per channel.
For more details see Order Code KIT63S.

UNO R3 Development Board Basic Starter Kit

Arduino astarter kit that includes an UNo board (R3), Breadboard, 15 x LEDs (5 x Red, 5 x Blue, 5 x Yellow), 8 x Resistors (220 Ohm), 30 x Coloured jumper wires, USB cable and storage case.
More information is available by going to Order Code ARD01E.

UNO Basic Starter Learning Kit, Version 2

Our UNO R3 starter kit, will not only enable you to learn about the Arduino UNO R3 Development Board, but includes hardware that will allow you to build several creative projects. Starting with the basics of electronics, and to do more complex projects, the kit will help you control the physical world through the use of sensor and actuators.
For a full list of parts in this kit, please see Order Code ARD03E.

Tracking Robot Kit

Battery operated DIY Robot Kit designed to follow a black line along a flat, horizontal surface.
All electronic components and hardware are included in the kit.
Now in stock, place your order by going to Order Code KIT92S.

Motor Drive Shield L293D For Arduino

The Motor Shield is able to drive 2 servo motors, and has 8 half-bridge outputs for 2 stepper motors or 4 full H-bridge motor outputs or 8 half-bridge drivers, or a combination.
View more details and place your order by going to Order Code ARD07E.

TDA2030A Stereo Audio Amp Module, 18W

A stereo audio amplifier kit using the TDA2030A and typically producing an output of 18W per channel.
Included are volume potentiometer, bass adjust potentiometer, treble adjust potentiometer.
Working voltage: AC 9 ~ 15V or DC9 ~ 15V
See Order Code KIT15S.

Portable FM Radio Kit

DIY FM Radio Electronic Kit with LCD clock module.
All electronic components and hardware are included in the kit.
Now in stock, see Order Code KIT20S.

1W White Led Torch Bulb

Upgrade your standard C or D cell torch to a 1 watt LED torch light with this easy-to-fit LED torch bulb, saving on the cost and lifespan of your batteries whilst producing a much, much higher intensity.
See more details at Order Code AMB13G.

Flowcode v7

What is Flowcode? Flowcode allows you to quickly and easily develop complex electronic and electromechanical systems. The graphical programming tool allows those with little experience to develop systems in minutes.
There are a variety of options available for your purchase of Flowcode v7. You can view full details of this product by going to the Flowcode section.

37-in-1 Sensor Module Board Set for Arduino

A set of 37 different sensor modules for use with Arduino. Supplied in a handy storage container.
For a complete list of modules included in this kit, please go to Order Code AMH25G.

50-piece Titanium Coated Drill Bit Set

A 50-pieces set of HSS Titanium Coated High Speed Steel Drill Bits comprising 10 pieces each, sizes 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0mm diameter.
Order Code BCM47G.

Mini Digital LCD Thermometer/Humidity Meter

Mini Digital LCD Thermometer/Humidity Meter in a white housing.
Temperature Range: -40℃ ~ 70℃, Humidity Range: 10% RH ~ 99% RH.
See Order Code AMK77G for more details.

DIY Infrared Electronic Alarm Kit

A fully functioning DIY infrared sensor alarm kit using pyroelectric infrared sensors to detect. Can be monitored within an 8-15 meter range, with a 90db high-intensity alarm sounder.
Ideally suitable as a teaching aid for school students.
More details at Order Code AML65G.

DFPlayer Mini MP3 Player Module

DFPlayer Mini is a compact and inexpensive MP3 module that is simply connected directly to a suitable loudspeaker. The module can either be used as a stand-alone unit, with dc power, loudspeaker and optional keypad connection, or through serial port control, as would be the case with the Arduino UNO or any microcontroller with a serial port module. Other applications may include model railway sound effects, for example. The module is compatible with MP3, WAV, WMA formats. While the software supports TF card driver to support FAT16, FAT32 file systems.
More details at Order Code AMH33G.

25W+25W Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver

TDA7492P 25W+25W Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Digital Amplifier Board. On board dip switches provide for amplifier gain of 21.6dB, 27.6dB, 31.3dB or 33.6dB.
Simply connect suitable dc power supply and left and right loudspeakers. Module includes Bluetooth receiver module and LED Bluetooth signal indicator.
Find more details at Order Code AMA01G.

0.28 Inch 2.5V-30V Mini Digital Voltmeter

A range of inexpensive mini digital voltmeters designed for direct connection across the potential to be measured.
Now in stock, you can find more details at Ready Assembled modules.

White High Bright LED Chip DC 9-12V

An incredibly bright pair of 10W super bright LED chips, available in either pure white or warm white, suitable for use from a regulated DC source of 9-12V.
Note: A heat-sink should be used with this product.
Now in stock, see more details at Order Code LED781 for pure white and LED780 for warm white.

Basic Starter Learning Kit UNO For Arduino

A starter learning kit that walks you through the basics of using the Arduino in a hands-on way.
You will learn through building several creative projects.
Starting the basics of electronics, to more complex projects, the kit will help you control the physical world with sensor and actuators, making it ideal for those wanting to learn the exciting world of Arduino!
Now in stock, see more details at Order Code ARD09E.

UNO R3 ATmega328P Board + 2.4 Inch TFT LCD Touch

UNO R3 ATmega328P Board + 2.4 Inch TFT LCD Touch Screen Module For Arduino.
See more details at Order Code ARD08E.

Premium Bluetooth Speaker

This bluetooth speaker has a vibrating cone design, providing high end quality bass and treble sounds. This culminates in a 360 degree surround stereo sound. The small speaker creates a big sound. The bluetooth feature is great for wireless pairing with mobile devices. High quality rechargeable battery, USB powered, can last up to 6 hours.
Now in stock, for more information please see Order Code ANJ01G.

60w Active Wall Mount Speakers with Bluetooth

Stylish high performance active speakers from E-Audio, a versatile solution for a variety of indoor purposes both domestic and commercial. Priced and sold as a Pair.
Now in stock, you can find more details and order by going to Order Code AML30G for the black version, or Order Code AML29G for the white version.
And remember, these are supplied in PAIRS.

HD Forward Facing Vehicle Camera + 8GB SD Card - NOW ONLY R650 PLUS VAT!

Record journeys whilst potentially reducing your insurance with this sleek forward facing vehicle camera. It comes with full 1080p HD seamless recording and collision detection to automatically save footage on impact. Comes with 8GB Micro SD Card.
Normally R1,040 plus VAT, but currently on offer at only R650 plus VAT, while stocks last, see Order Code AMJ04G.

Mini HD Action Camera

Are you a keen sports enthusiast? Capture those exciting and special moments of sports and outdoor activity with this mini HD camera. Its designed for use during various outdoor activities due to its mini size, sleek design and robust alloy body. Its more than capable of high quality video up to 1080p Full HD & photo of 5 Megapixels. Moreover, it equips USB interface and supports MicroSD card for convenient storage and transfer of images to PC and mobile devices.
Now in stock, order now by going to Order Code AMJ18G.

Action Camera with Wifi and Mounting Accessories

Spot your stunts, immortalise the moment instantly with this action camera with Wifi. This is a versatile camera which can be used underwater for the divers out there. It can be connected to smart phones and tablets through its Wi-Fi settings and great for social media interaction. Simply install the "I Sport DV" App, which is available free in the app store for this feature. Features: Waterproof: up to 10m WiFi interaction: The user can operation or review via Smart Phone or Ipad.
More details at Order Code AMJ10G.

Premium Ultra High Speed V2.0 HDMI Lead, 3D 4k

Now in stock, a new range of high quality HDMI leads, various lengths, designed to comply with the very latest V2.0 specification, compatible with 3D and 4k Ultra HD.
To view the complete range, see our HDMI, Version 2.0 section.

Tecmate professional quality battery chargers

We stock a range of high quality battery chargers that do so much more.... they diagnose, recover, charge, test and optimally maintain, and ALL AUTOMATICALLY! This makes them perfect for applications such as lead acid battery maintenance, for example.
To view the entire range of Tecmate products, go to our Chargers Section.

Forward Facing Vehicle Camera with 8GB SD Card - NEW LOWER PRICE!

Capture traffic incidents as they happen with our fantastic In-Car Digital Dash Camera. It can be used to help avoid disputed accidents, film dangerous drivers, lane hoggers or tailgaters - all of which can be captured on this HD digital recorder thanks to its 45° field of view. For ease of viewing, this product features a reversible screen with 90° Tilt and 270° Rotation. Importantly, it gives you peace of mind from knowing you have the perfect impartial witness as and when you need it, with all the video evidence stored on an SD Memory card (up to 32GB, not supplied - just download it to your computer). It even works at night too, automatically switching to night vision. Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery or from the car charger (with a generous 3.2m/10ft 6in cable), it is also supplied with a USB cable and a multi-position mounting arm. When not in use just tuck it in the glove compartment, measures L10.5cm xW6.2cm xD3cm (41/4in x21/2in x11/4in). Full instructions supplied.
Now offered at just R350 plus VAT (while stocks last!), full details can be found by going to Order Code ALV58G.

LED Tape Light, IP20 Rated, 10m

Good Quality IP20 rated LED tape light with 30 LEDs per metre. The tape is extremely thin with the LEDs mounted on top. With a depth of just 1.83 mm and 8 mm wide it will fit into many unusual places. Supplied on 10 m reel with a self adhesive back, this tape is easily applied to most smooth surfaces by simply removing the backing paper. The tape can be cut or joined, with cutting points at 3 LED (100 mm) intervals. The tape is highly flexible and has a low power consumption making it ideal for many uses such as homes, vehicles, shops, bars and nightclubs.
Colours include warm white, cool white, red, green, yellow and blue.
More details of the complete range of our new 10m IP20 rated LED Tapes can be found in our LED Ribbons section.

The following is a selection of specially discount products, prices valid for a limited period, only. All products are 'as-new', often ex-shop display, but significantly reduced when compared with the original, normal-selling price.

Arduino Leonardo + Headers (ARD14E). GENUINE ORIGIN, NOW ONLY R421.80, WHILE STOCKS LAST!


Arduino ETH Shield Rev3 with PoE Module (ARD04E). GENUINE ORIGIN, NOW ONLY R741.00, WHILE STOCKS LAST!

Battery Operated Door Bell (ANY23I). NOW ONLY R125.00, WHILE STOCKS LAST!


Twin CD Storage Case (ALU29G). WAS R10.34, NOW ONLY R3.99, WHILE STOCKS LAST!

La Crosse Weather Stations - Offer

Despite the recent decline in the value of the Rand we are offering all remaining stock of our La Crosse weather stations at discounted prices. These prices will only apply while stock last.
Our range comprises of Thermometers, Weather Stations, and Weather Stations with PC Interface. Order now to avoid disappointment!

Codex Bundle Offer

A Codex bundle offer comprising of a Codex 5-Button Remote (previously sold as Order Code QDE54S) and two Codex Standard Non Latch receivers (previously sold as Order Code QDE55S).
Normal Selling, R510 plus VAT, NOW ONLY R399.00 plus VAT, see Order Code STK11S for details.

A/V Cable Kit

Kit comprising of various cables suitable for use in either audio or video applications.
Note: This is an end-of-line, surplus stock offer. The image shows three types of product, each containing similar products. This offer provides ONE of the three products in the image.
ONLY R29.95. Limited stock, see Order Code BCL48G for details.

LED Toolbox DVD

Once they used to just trundle along in the half shadows, but nowadays LEDs are no longer confined to the role of indicator lights. Now they are shining forth in an extraordinary boom. Their principal qualities are still robustness, power, reliability, compactness, etc.
However, they come in such a plethora of varieties, it's not easy either to select them, or to use them. Following the principle of "Elektor's Toolbox Series", this DVD-ROM contains carefully-sorted comprehensive technical documentation (optical properties, electrical characteristics, mounting, life expectancy, etc.) about and around LEDs. For standard models (through-hole, SMD), and for a selection of LED modules (ribbons, light bars, bargraphs, and other LED clusters), this Toolbox gathers together data sheets from all the manufacturers, application notes, design guides, white papers and so on.
Normally selling for over R555, now ONLY R399. See Order Code GBL89G for details.

Elektor Magazine CD's

Elektor Magazine CD's contain all editorial articles published in Elektor Electronics magazine for a specific year. They normally retail for as much as R550, however, we have reduced all available stock to only R150 a copy, while stocks last.
Various editions are available, all sold under the same code and same price, just R150 a copy, saving R400, but only while stocks last. To order, go to our CD ROMs category.

11,000 BTU Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

High Performance Wall Mounted Air Conditioning unit with heating is suitable for high or low wall installations - no external unit required. The compact console style unit features a Reverse Cycle heat pump which enables year-round climate control and is also suitable for dwarf walls. Features include an energy efficient, high performance rotary compressor, built-in dehumidification function, fixed louvre, quiet operation and Twin Duct System. The Indoor Climate Control unit operates without requiring an external condenser or any refrigerant pipework.
Normal selling price is over R18,847, but existing stock is offered at only R10,999. See Order Code AMZ37G for details.

Discounted UK Hobbyist Magazine Offer

All UK hobbyist magazines have been reduced from their previous selling prices of typically R100, or more, to just R49.95. Titles include Practical Wireless, Radio User, Elektor, EPE Magazine, Railway Modeller and British Railway Magazine.
See in-store for details of availability.

Colour Dome Camera, 520 lines

A very high quality colour dome camera with 520 TV lines. 12V DC supply.
Reduced to ONLY R475, see Order Code WIT22C for details.

MP3/4 Accessories Kit

An MP3/4 Accessories Kit that includes a Wireless FM Transmitter, plus various other items:-

*) Wireless FM Transmitter. Listen to your MP Player on your card radio. 5 preset channels. Requires 2 x AAA batteries (sold separately).
*) USB Car Charger. Allows any MP3/MP4 player to be charged in the vehicle, via USB connector.
*) USB AC Travel Charger. Quick charge your MP3/MP4 battery via USB connector. 110/220V operation.
*) Portable Speaker. Dynamic sound performance, amplified power. Requires 2 x AAA batteries (sold separately).
*) Stereo MP3 Earphones. High performance, neck strap design, with 3.5mm jack.
*) Audio/Video Cable Set. Watch and listen to your MP3/MP4 through your tv or monitor. 3.5mm jack to RCA jacks.
*) Audio Cable. 3.5mm Stereo, Male/Male, 6 foot.

Normally sold for R260.90, now ONLY R199, see Order Code CPT38S for details.

Professional Colour CCD Camera c/w Lens

A professional colour CCTV camera featuring, high sensitivity, back light compensation, auto electronic shutter, auto white balance, 12Vdc 200mA, video out (BNC), replaceable 6mm fitted lens.
Now ONLY R559, see Order Code ANU46G for details.

Colour CCTV Camera, 480 lines

A good quality CCTV camera featuring high resolution, back light compensation, auto electronic shutter, auto white balance, auto iris.
Now ONLY R559, see Order Code APJ11G for details.

Colour CCTV Camera, 480 lines, 24V AC

A good quality CCTV camera featuring high resolution, back light compensation, auto electronic shutter, auto white balance, auto iris. Suitable for use with a 24V AC supply, making this unit ideally suited for use in installations that require long cable runs.
Now ONLY R599, see Order Code WIT30C for details.

Colour CCTV Camera, 520 lines

A high quality CCTV camera featuring high resolution, back light compensation, auto electronic shutter, auto white balance, auto iris.
Now ONLY R599, see Order Code WIT31C for details.

DIN Rail Mount Enclosure Kit

A DIN Rail Mount Enclosure Kit, finished in grey and configured to accommodate 'double row' terminals.
Now ONLY R99 each, see Order Code SPE70G for details.

75 ohm Video Multicore Special, 22m

An extremely high-spec, heavy duty, Van Damme Oxygen Free Red Series multi-core cable.
One piece, only, priced R699, representing a saving of over R900! see Order Code STK36S for details.

Last remaining Amateur Radio items for sale

Interested parties should contact us directly. (Postage not included in pricing)

Jaybeam Antennas for sale

Two complete multi-element crossed yagis for 70cms, originally used for Oscar satellite operation. Slight damage to one or two elements, otherwise in good working order.
Also available is a 48 element jagi for 70cms.
Also available is approximately 40m+ of heliax LDF-4-50 coaxial cable (0.5 inch), previously used but in good condition. Extremely low loss at UHF. Fitted with N type brass amphenol connectors.
Any sensible offer will be considered on any of the above items.

25 Simple Tropical and MW Band Aerials

Describes how to build 25 simple and inexpensive antennas for operation on medium wave and on 60, 75, 90 and 120m tropical bands. Also includes 49m band.
One copy, R40.

6m QQVO-6/40 Valve Amplifier with Power Supply

A home-brew RF valve amplifier designed for operation on the 6m amateur radio band. Separate power supply included.
One only, R800.
Call us on 087 550 1333

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